Origin : Mondas

“You belong to us. You shall be like us!” The Cyber Controller – Tomb Of The Cybermen

The Upgradable – Cyborg Terror!

The Cybermen are perhaps the most relevant Doctor Who monster, in terms of their origins.

Inspired by real-life technological advances in medical science, to improve the human body. Taken to a nightmarish extreme; where the technology has taken over the appearance – and free-will.

Even today, the very normal everyday use of bionic hip-replacements (or artificial heart valves), means the Cybermen’s appeal – is no less diminished, 50 years since their creation.

In the 1960’s, though; it was pioneering research done by people (like Dr Christopher Magnus and Howard “Kit” Pedler), which pointed to a future; where the body could be ‘upgraded’ – with robotic replacements parts.

It was this notion, that Dr Pedler brought to the Doctor Who production team; having been hired as a consultant. In 1966, he put forward a suggestion for a race of part-human part-robotic cyborgs; which came to be known as – ‘The Cybermen’.

The Cybermen were originally humanoid but over the eons, had replaced their body – with robotic parts; until very little organic human remained.

Thrown into the mix, was the eradication of feelings. Specifically, the ones which get in the way of a warlike race; compassion, trust, loyalty, honesty – etc.

It was this, which set the Cybermen on a path to conquer and ‘upgrade’ all those races – to match their own; which they now seen as inferior to themselves. Especially those, which were governed by “unnecessary” emotions.

It was in the First Doctor’s episode The Tenth Planet – 1966 that the Cybermen made their first appearance. As residents of the “10th” planet of our solar system; Mondas – an Earth-like twin.

Mondas had been knocked-out of a much closer orbit to the sun (by the Earth) and flung to the edges of the solar system. The Mondasians had to take drastic measures to survive, this catastrophe. By using technology to redesign themselves, to survive the cold extremes – and lack of natural light.

From the start, the Cybermen were hell-bent on seeking revenge on the populace of Earth; for this planetary occurence. They were intent on destroying Earth, with their powerful and deadly cyber-bombs.

“Yes! We [Cybermen] were exactly like you once, but our cybernetic scientists realised that our race was getting weak. Our life span was getting shorter, so our scientists and doctors devised spare parts for our bodies until we could be almost completely replaced. Our brains are just like yours, except that certain weaknesses have been removed…..” Cyberman

The First Doctor managed to foil the Cybermen and the planet Mondas was destroyed, in the ensuing fight. The First Doctor paid a heavy price for this, though – and had to regenerate – into the Second Doctor.

The Cybermen made their next appearance, in the eerily effective Moonbase – 1967. In which, another invasion of Earth was to be launched – via capture of an Earth Moonbase.

The Cybermen had poisoned the Moonbase inhabitants and were infiltrating the base; a few at a time. Their appearance had radically changed, since the Doctor’s last encounter, they were less bulky looking and more streamlined.

Many of the Cybermen had left Mondas, prior to the planet’s destruction and various splinter factions developed. Some ended up hiding on Earth and others travelled off in space freighters, to await the optimum moment for Earth invasion.

One group of Cybermen, travelled to the planet Telos, after subjugating the local populace; dug themselves a Tomb and went into hibernation. Their plan, to await discovery by an intelligent race – who themselves could be forcibly converted into more Cybermen.

It was unlucky then, perhaps, that the Second Doctor was one of the Archaeology party which happened across the Cybermen in The Tomb of the Cybermen – 1967; and thwarted their reawakening.

Again, the Doctor thwarted the Cybermen’s takeover of a human spacestation in The Wheel In Space – 1968 . The Doctor then thwarted the Cyberfleet, in an Earth invasion in Invasion – 1969; with nuclear missiles.

As a race of beings, the Cybermen were constantly upgrading and improving themselves. They began with huge headlamp appliances and bulky weapons, which were fixed to their chests.

Over time, their chest weapons moved onto their forehead. Finally, their weapon became a separate carried device but still, attached to the Cyberman by means of a wire.

The Cybermen made use of various technologies including powerful Cyber bombs – to use against their enemies and ‘Cybermats’ – small silver metal rodents which could be used for surveillance or subterfuge.

The Cybermen have gone through many changes over the years, especially their leaders. The leader originally appeared as a stationery computer-relay device, known as the “Cyberplanner”. The next upgrade of the leader was as a standard Cybermen but bigher bulkier and with a large brain cavity.

Despite changes, the warriors and leaders, still retain certain characteristics which made them instantly identifiable – as Cybermen.

The warriors always retained their signature ‘handle’attachments – on top of their heads, wide gaping mouth slots and round emotionless eyes.

In addition to the above, there was a shortlived mirrored silver variety, in Silver Nemesis – 1988 and a black ‘stealth-model’, in Attack Of The Cybermen – 1985.

The Cybermen were individually intelligent but were controlled by means of a central hive intelligence. The Cyber Leader (or Controller) usually distinguished themselves – by means of their large cranium – or even a differently coloured helmet.

The Cybermen’s only real weakness was gold dust, it blocked their respirators and suffocated them. In Revenge Of The Cybermen – 1974, the Cybermen attempted to destroy an asteroid made out of pure gold.

In Earthshock – 1982, the Doctor killed the Cyber Controller by means of jamming Adric’s gold sheriff badge in the Controller’s chest respirator and in Silver Nemesis – 1988 gold tipped arrows – were used to devastating effect, to shoot the Cybermen with, from distance.

A squad of Cybermen were abducted by the ‘timescoop’ device and forced to take part in the Timelord’s dastardly death games – on Gallifrey, in The Five Doctors – 1983, against four of the incarnations of the Doctor.

The Cybermen were battered from all sides, tricked by the Master into crossing an electrified trap floor and frying themselves – and attacked by a deadly Rastan Warrior robot, which decimated an entire Cyberpatrol.

“Wasn’t that a little ruthless? Even for you!” Tegan [after the Master has killed a Cyberpatrol]

“In one of the many miserable wars on your planet, they [Cybermen] used to drive sheep across minefields!” The Master

Attack of the Cybermen – 1985 saw the Sixth Doctor run into the Cybermen again, hiding in a London sewer, plotting to divert Haley’s Comet into hitting the Earth. Their last original series appearance, was in the Seventh Doctor’s Silver Nemesis – 1988.

The Cybermen have proved to be a popular monster, throughout Doctor Who and many fans still hark back nostalgically to the original Cybermen – as their favourite, over the stompy, brainless, Robocop-like Cybermen – in the new series.

The first appearance, although a little silly now, still feels off-putting – with the jerky mouth opening and electronic disco voice; which didn’t betray a hint of human emotion.

Later incarnations of the Cybermen, got more streamlined and more robotic, with each appearance. The Cybermen’s aim was similar to the Daleks, conquer and oppress and “upgrade” their enemies – into fresh Cyber units. The Cybermen’s main appeal however, was due to their fact they were still vaguely humanoid; unlike the Daleks. They were also terrestial to humans, having lived on planet Mondasia.

The final horror that underpins the fascination with the Cybermen, has to be; what the Mondasians did to themselves – just to survive amd evolve.

Classic Doctor Who

Appearances :

Season Three – 1966

The Tenth Planet (part 4 missing)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Season Four – 1966-67

The Moonbase⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Season Five – 1968

The Tomb of the Cybermen⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The Wheel In Space🔵🔵🔵⚪⚪

Season Six – 1969


Season Twelve – 1975

Revenge of the Cybermen🔵🔵🔵🔵⚪

Season Nineteen – 1982


Season Twenty – 1983

The Five Doctors⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Season Twenty Two – 1985

Attack of the Cybermen🔵🔵🔵⚪⚪

Season Twenty Five – 1988

Silver Nemesis⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐