Origin : Ruta 3

“Something wanted to make a detailed study of human anatomy!” Fourth Doctor [upon discovering a Rutan victim]

The Thing From Another World!

The Rutans are polymorphic luminous-green alien jellyfish. Capable of rendering opponents unconscious (or dead), with a lethal bio-electric shock; from their tentacles. Their real talent however, is their shape-shifting ability, which makes them the perfect spy for -infiltration or subterfuge.

They hail from the icy planet homeworld: Ruta 3, sharing conciousness, memories – with other Rutans and the central Rutan host – via ‘hive mind’ connection.

They have also been at war with the Sontarans, for the last 50,000 years; although neither side have gained the upper hand, during this conflict.

The Rutans have appeared only once, in Doctor Who, during the Fourth Doctor’s serial Horror Of Fang Rock – 1977; but they have been mentioned in a number of other serials, usually involving their arch nemesis; The Sontarans.

The Doctor landed on the British southcoast Lighthouse Island of ‘Fang Rock’, during the 1800’s. Where the Doctor encountered a Rutan, which had crash-landed it’s scoutship; on the island.

Along with the lighthouse crew and a rich party, from a crashed schooner. The Doctor and the humans barricaded themselves, in the lighthouse from the Rutan. However, the Rutan has already infiltrated the party; killing and stealing the form – of one of the unfortunate lighthouse keepers. It then systematically, picked off the humans – one-by-one.

The Doctor manages to use, the lighthouse light; which the Doctor modifies to kill the Rutan and destroy the Rutan Mothership – waiting in space.

The Rutan’s war with the Sontarans goes on but they have yet to return to Doctor Who, unless they did – and we didn’t notice; in their shape shifted form.

Old Doctor Who

Appearances :

Season Fifteen – 1977

Horror Of Fang Rock⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐