Doctor Who wouldn’t be Doctor Who, without the famous opening title sequence crawl and the strangely haunting music.

The title sequences have evolved over the years – between 1963 and 1989 but the general feel of traveling through time and space – has always remained constant.

Veering somewhere, between the ghostly smokey light show, first seen in Hartnell, Troughton and early Pertwee era. To the famous ‘time-tunnel’ visual of later Pertwee, Baker and finally the star field effect of Davison, Baker, McCoy and McGann’s era.

The original effect of Hartnell’s era, was created by taking a recorded camera image and then feeding image back through the same camera – and creating feedback known as “howling”.

As the SFX moved on, so did the opening titles, accumulating in 1987 with some of the first CGI titles (in McCoy’s era) of a galaxy and an asteroid field.

After Hartnell’s era – the one thing that remained constant with the opening titles was the appearance of the Doctor’s face to the audience, either semi-smiling or knowingly winking at the camera/audience.

The appeatance of the Doctor’s face has become a constant, with the titles – up until the series was cancelled in 1989.

Old Doctor Who