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First Doctor – William Hartnell

Second Doctor – Patrick Troughton

Third Doctor – Jon Pertwee

Fourth Doctor – Tom Baker

Fifth Doctor – Peter Davison

Sixth Doctor – Colin Baker

Seventh Doctor – Sylvester McCoy

Eighth Doctor – Paul McGann

Between 1963, 1989 and 1996 – there were 8 incarnations of the Timelord, whose real name was unknown but who prefered to go by the alias of “The Doctor”.

What we know of the Doctor, from childhood on Gallifrey – is vague. The Doctor attended an academy from a young age, (along with The Master and possibly The Rani) and was tutored by an old mystic man, who lived in the mountains. At some point, the Doctor fathered children and became a Grandfather. All of this, before the end of the first incarnation.

The Doctor’s lifespan was 13 seperate incarnations and 12 regenerations. The Time Lord has used this ability frequently to regenerate; to cure wounds – or as a way to cheat death.

Each incarnation of the Doctor, retained the same collective knowledge and historical heritage. However,each was markedly different – in appearance, attitude and age. Each incarnation, had different skills and tastes.

The Doctor’s physiology was very different to a human. Time Lords have two hearts, which effectively makes them stronger than humans.

The Doctor can also survive in space, without a spacesuit – for 6 minutes; by means of entering a trance.

The Doctor renounced the usual Time Lord lifestyle and went on the run, as a reneage – in a rickety old “type 40” Tardis; which was forever permanently stuck – in the shape of a Earth 1960’s Police Box. This was due, to the ‘chameleon-circuit’ which powered the shapechanging ability having been broken. This skill, allowed the type-40 Tardis’ to blend into any environment – by changing into any shape. This allowed the Time lords to move around time-and-space – in secret.

The Doctor’s first stop, after running away; was to Earth. To hide the powerful Time Lord super weapon; The Hand Of Omega – to prevent it falling into alien hands.

The Doctor initially travelled with granddaughter; Susan. Since then, the Doctor has had a plethora of diverse companions and even robots – as companions.