Origin : Gallifrey

“Others have claimed inmortality, throughout the ages. It was given to them as it shall be given to you. Your place is prepared ….Lord President Borusa!” – Rassilon – Five Doctor’s

The architype of Time Lord society

Rassilon was the ‘god-like’ figure of legend who, along with Omega; created and weaponised the Time Lord society. By harnessing the power of time-travel and time-prediction, by overseeing the building of the Matrix central computer.

Rassilon, was not afraid – to build his new empire on the bones of his enemies; or his friends. After harnessing the power of time-travel, his long-time friend and co-founder – Omega; was lost in a wormhole. Rassilon did nothing, to try and save his friend, as he could now have total power, in The Three Doctors.

Rassilon procured – a number of powerful weapons to protect his new society, including the ‘Hand of Omega’ – a molecule disassembling device; which could destroy worlds. The Doctor later acquired this device, in – Remembrance Of The Daleks – 1989.

The ‘Demat gun’ which could delete recipients -entirely from time; which appeared in The Invasion Of Time – 1978

Early Time Lord society, was more warlike – and the early Time Lords waged war – against many other races; including the giant vampires in State Of Decay – 1980. Rassilon commissioned the production of giant silver-crossbow ships, to fight the vampiric threat.

The early Timelords, also enjoyed barbaric sports, including – the “Games Of Rassilon”. In which different races, were “time scooped” out of their time streams (against their will) and made to do battle – in the ‘Death Zone’ in The Five Doctors. Whilst the Time Lords watched on, in amusement.

Rassilon was eventually buried in an elaborate tomb, within a tower, deep in the Death Zone. Thus, upping the ante on the games, as now Rassilon’s tomb offered immortality to the game’s winner.

After this, under different leadership – the Timelord society became less warlike and more benevolent. The weapons of war were locked away – in vaults to prevent their theft.

President Borusa fell foul of Rassilon’s immortality prize, by request – and was promptly turned to stone. To appear as a gargoyle, on Rassilon’s tomb.

Rassilon’s final act – as a ghost, in The Five Doctors was to return all of the time-scooped Doctors (and companions) back to their respective time periods.

Rassilons spirit still emanates from Rassilon’s tomb, awaiting more hopeful immortality seekers.

Appearances :

Season Twenty – 1983

The Five Doctor’s⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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