When I was a child, my family used to holiday in Weston Super Mare, on the Somerset coast – year after year. Occasionally, we would make the run out to Longleat Zoo – to marvel at the animals and the big house. Our first visit was probably about 1985, it was here that I noticed, that a Doctor Who exhibition was on – at Longleat.

I made my way to the exhibition and gazed in wonder as the entrance to the exhibition was the actual Tardis Blue box. It was as if, you were actually stepping into the Tardis itself and walking around the exhibit but all contained within the Tardis box. Ok, so the Tardis had a huge room attached to the back, but I was 6 years old – so I bought into it!

Image Copyright - Dave Armitage.

The visitor walked past enclosure – after enclosure of different monsters, as if you were in a Tardis zoo; which housed dangerous monsters in enclosure-after-enclosure, behind plexi-glass screens.

Each room was accompanied by animatronic movements, sounds and loud ominous music which made the experience – a bit scary for young kids. I vaguely remember a warning present on the door (that young kids should be accompanied by adults).

Image Copyright - Dave Armitage

My personal highlights, were seeing the Cybermen; who I always liked the most – and Davros. Davros was just as ugly in the flesh – as he was on TV. Seeing the actual ‘official’ Doctor costumes on display, used to create a pang of excitement – as if they were all real.

The attraction moved on, to a central room which had a working Tardis console going up and down. There was a big screen, which showed clips from the programme. When I was there, they were always showing the Doctors regenerations – back to back.

Sometimes, there would even be a tour-guide available, who took groups of people through the exhibition; explaining who the monsters were and which episode they appeared in.

Longleat staff would even wander around Longleat grounds, dressed as Cybermen, Daleks too to publicise the attraction. Also, the actual Doctors of their era – always appeared at the exhibition; to publicize a new monster – or event.

Courtesy of Whoniverse – Youtube

The Longleat exhibition ran for 30 years – from 1973, regularly redressing it’s attractions, as new series came and went. A devastating fire in 1996, nearly destroyed the entire exhibit but a refit later and it was back open – quickly.

It sadly finally closed its doors, forever in 2003. Which was probably at the time, due to a tail-off of popularity at that time, as Doctor Who had been off-the-air, for over 14 years; at that point.

Ironic that only 2 years later, it would be back on the BBC and – as popular as ever. Now the Doctor Who Experience regularly tours the country, so it is unlikely the Longleat attraction, will ever come back; although people continue to campaign – for it’s return.

In 2010, I visited the Doctor Who experience in Newcastle – at the ‘Center For Life’. It was mostly based around the (then) Tenth (or Eleventh) Doctor; Matt Smith – series 5 which was on TV; at that time.

Image Copyright - Dave Armitage

Whilst it was all authentic BBC props and had interactive elements; such as being exterminated by Dalek’s or “deleted” by Cybermen. It didn’t quite have the magic, scaryness or uncomfortable closeness – of the original Longleat event.

Doctor Who Longleat, would have been consigned to the mists of time, had it not been for me coming across an interesting website; which is dedicated to preserving the memory of the Longleat Doctor Who exhibition (maybe it’s revival too!): www.drwhoexhibitions.co.uk

If you are interested in seeing some of the attractions which populated the exhibition over the years, then this is the place for you. The images in this article are all my own photographs, taken sometime around the late 1980’s. The above featured youtube video – recorded in 1991; is pretty good too!

Dave Armitage – Classic Doctor Who fan

More Photos of the Exhibition can be found here http://www.drwhoexhibitions.co.uk/longleatgallery.htm.

The full-history of the exhibition, can be found here on http://www.drwhoexhibitions.co.uk/longleat.htm