Origin : Gallifrey

Not the Master……but meddlesome

The “Monk, The Meddling Monk, Monk or Time Meddler” (played by Peter Butterworth) was a time traveller, assumed to be a fellow Time Lord.

The Monk was in possession of a more advanced and self-tweaked Type 40 Tardis, which was 50 years more advanced than the Doctor’s Tardis and sported a working Chameleon Circuit.

His monicker; ‘The Monk’ came from his first appearance in The Time Meddler – 1965. As the Doctor discovered him hiding out in a Northumbrian monastry, dressed in a Monk’s cowl.

The Monk had been increasing the course of human development, for personnal gain – throughtout Earth’s history. When the Doctor met the Monk, the Monk was to attempting to destroy the invading Viking fleet and change the outcome of the Battle Of Hastings.

In reward for his tampering, the First Doctor tampered with the Meddler’s Tardis controls; causing it to shrink beyond a usable size and the Meddler was trapped in 11th Century Northumberland – for a time.

[Acting innocent] “Funny business……..? Me?” The Dalek’s Masterplan – 1965.

Contary to popular belief the Monk isn’t a psychical [earlier] incarnation of the Master, (although he is very much a proto-Master type character in the show).

The Monk – whilst similar to the Master was also very different; in that, whilst his motives were no doubt nefarious, he was quite bumbling and clumsy – infact, almost comedic.

The Meddler made a final appearance in The Dalek’s Master Plan – 1965, having repaired the damage to his Tardis. He persued the Doctor through time-and-space before meeting the Doctor on a volcano world.

The Monk tampered with the Doctor’s Tardis lock, attempting to strand him in revenge. Following another meeting, in Eygpt 2000 BC. The Doctor stole the Directional control from the Meddler’s own Tardis. This caused the Meddler to land on an inhospitable ice world, unable to chase the Doctor accurately through time-and-space.

The Meddler has not returned since and is presumed to have continued randomly travelling. He was superseded in the Third Doctor’s reign, by a more evil version; The Master.

Old Doctor Who

Appearances :

Season Two – 1965

The Time Meddler🔵🔵🔵🔵⚪

Season Three – 1966

The Dalek’s Masterplan⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐