From : The Planet Sontar

“By virtue of my authority as an officer of the Army Space Corps, I hereby claim this planet, its moons and satellites, for the greater glory of the Sontaran Empire!” Linx, Time Warrior – 1973

Attack of the killer potato heads!

The Sontaran’s are a brutish war-like race, bred from test-tubes (on a massive scale) ;for the sole purpose of fighting wars.

The Sontaran’s are of un-designated sex, although they appear outwardly masculine – in appearance and voice. They can be described as short, squat, muscular, slow moving and with a large round head, something similar – to a baked potato.

They are a technologically advanced race, who wear strong armoured spacesuits and carrying an array of weapons; one which is similar in appearance to the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. They also possess robotic assistants and have mind-control devices, which can control or cause pain; or death to their enemies.

They are all genetically engineered and cloned to be identical, possessing the same intellect, drive, determination and willingness – to die for the supreme Sontaran cause. They value dying in combat as their greatest honour and being kept alive, as prisoners of war- a humiliation.

Their only known weakness, is a vent at the back of their neck known as the ‘probic vent’; which is used for nutrition and where, they were grown from.

A sharp blow to the provic vent, can render the Sontaran unconscious – or even dead. They are also known to be susceptible to ‘Coronic’ acid. Also, they are not well adapted to Earth gravity and move slowly – as the Third Doctor observed in  The Time Warrior – 1973; that Sontaran muscles were designed for load bearing, rather than leverage.

They hail from the planet ‘Sontar’ – and their empire stretches out far but is somewhat limited and preoccupied; with a continuing war with a race of glowing-green large alien jellyfish – called the Rutans.

The Sonatarans don’t class the Doctor, as a mortal enemy – per say. No more than any of the other species, that they want to conquer. Their main skirmishes have usually been as a result of meeting and clashing – on (and over) the Earth.

The Sontarons, first appeared in the Third Doctor’s episode The Time Warrior – 1973. A single Sontaran scoutship, had developed engine trouble and crash-landed in medieval England.

The Sonataran aboard, who was known as ‘Linx’ survived – and began meddling with history. Linx offered the local land Baron (Irongron) advanced weaponry – in return for slave labour, to help repair the crashed ship. When that wasn’t enough, Linx then began kidnapping scientists from the 1970’s. This was where, the Third Doctor became aware of the Sontarans now operating on Earth.

The Doctor then travelled back, to medieval England – in the Tardis and thwarted Linx’s plans. Linx was killed, when an archer – shot an arrow right into Linx’s probic vent and caused the recently repaired Sontaran ship – to explode.

The Sontarans popped up again, in the 30th Century on a barely inhabited Earth in The Sontaran Experiment – 1975. The Fourth Doctor had teleported to Earth, from an orbiting space station; to fix the transmat relay. Coming, face-to-face with a Sontaran – called Strye. Who was part of a forward-invasion reconnaissance mission to Earth. Strye spent his torturing some captured human colonists, for scientific information gathering.

The Doctor thwarted Strye’s plans and sabotaged Styre’s ship – killing Strye, before telling the waiting Sontaran invasion fleet; that the humans were ready for them and to call off the invasion.

The Sontarans next appeared in The Invasion Of Time – 1978; attempting to invade Gallifrey and claim powerful Time Lord items – which once belonged to Rassilon.

The Sontarans also try to destroy the ‘Eye Of Harmony’ – a source of Time Lord power. They even gain access to the Fourth Doctor’s Tardis and chased him through the many corridors and rooms – attempting to capture him.

The Fourth Doctor was able to stop this invasion, by use of a special Time Lord weapon, called the ‘Demat’gun. Which literally wiped it’s victim from time. Meanwhile, fellow Time Lord’s mopped-up the remaining Sontaran army.

The Sontaran’s last original series appearance, was in the Sixth Doctor’s :Two Doctors – 1985. Again, attempting to invade Earth. This time, in partnership with the Androgum race. The Sontaran’s side of the deal, was to use Earth – as a forward staging post; to launch attacks against the Rutan Host.

Setting up their base of operations, in a Spanish hacienda. The Sontarans were double-crossed by the Androgums; who unleash two canisters of coronic acid on them, melting one – and mortally wounding the other.

The Sonatarans have only appeared – a handful of serials but their few appearances, have made them one of the more memorable Doctor Who monsters. A remarkable achievement.


Appearances :

Season Eleven – 1973

The Time Warrior⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Season Twelve – 1975

The Sontaran Experiment🔵🔵🔵🔵⚪

Season Fifteen – 1978

The Invasion Of Time⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Season Twenty Two – 1985

The Two Doctor’s⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐