From : The Ten Galaxies

“Quarks! Destroy Them…..!” Toba – Dominator, The Dominators 1968.

Walking Dalek Mk-II?

The Dominators – were a high tech race of humanoid aliens, who controlled the Quark’s; as a personal army. They used flying-saucers to move their armies around – and they ruled much of the Ten Galaxy quadrant.

The Quarks, were a bipedal robot; with a large square unit for a chest. Their heads were round, with protruding spikes and they had blocky legs; which retracted fully into their bodies. Their arms also could be deploy as weaponry

Quark weaponry was able to multi task: scan, stun, kill or manipulate objects. They could emit warning alarms, upon being attacked or disabled.

The Second Doctor first met the Quarks & The Dominators, in The Dominators – 1968. The Dominators had landed on the planet Dulkis, and used the Quarks to repress the inhabitants; so that they could drill bore holes – and harvest energy from the planet’s core.

The Dominators were successful aggressors, using their high-tech weapons and Quark army – to conquer entire worlds. But their ultimate downfall, was stretching their empire to wide – too quickly.

And more importantly – a number of Quarks broke their programming logic – to form a resistance movement. To combat this, the Dominators then began recruiting alien slaves; to fill the gaps, in their Quark armies.

The slaves also rebelled and the remaining Quark’s could not subdue them, so the overthrow of the Dominator’s empire – had begun.

The Quarks were intended to feature – as often as the Daleks but due to a copyright dispute, with the creators. They were pretty much abandoned from the show; following Troughton’s departure. They did not again – in the classic era.

Classic Doctor Who

Appearances :

Season Five – 1968

The Dominators🔵🔵🔵🔵⚪

Season Six – 1969

War Games – (Cameo)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐