Number : Season 6, serial 1 of 6.

Which One : The Quarks.

Cast : The Doctor : Patrick Troughton
Jamie : Frazer Hines
Zoe : Wendy Padbury
Rago : Ronald Allen
Toba : Kenneth Ives
Cully : Arthur Cox
Kando : Felicity Gibson
Teel : Giles Block
Educator Balan : Johnson Bayly
Director Senex : Walter Fitzgerald
Bovem : Alan Gerrard
Chairmam Tensa : Brian Cant
Entin : Malcolm Terris
Tolota : Nicolette Pendrell
Wahed : Philip Voss

Written By : Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln

Produced By : Peter Bryant

First UK Broadcast : 10 August – 7 September 1968.

Length : 5 x 25 minute episodes.

Plot : The Doctor takes Jamie and Zoe for a beach holiday, on the Planet of Dulkis – and lands right in the middle of an invasion by the Dominators and the Quarks; who are intending to mine the planets core – for energy.

Whats good : The Dominators and The Quarks are pretty ruthless. Jamie and Cully’s – guerrilla war, against the Quarks.

Whats bad : The Dulkians come across as lazy, stupid and annoying. Why do the Quarks flap their arms to recharge? Surely that just wastes energy!

Review With Spoilers : The Dominators, is the first serial of season 6 – and the final season of Patrick Troughton’s Doctor.

Landing on planet Dulkis – with Jamie and Zoe, for some much-needed downtime on an island beach; the Doctor runs into the invading Dominators – and their Quark attack forces. They intend to mine the planet’s core, for energy – to sustain their ever thinly spread; 10 Galaxies empire.

The Doctor also runs into the indigineous Dulkians, who used the island for atomic research – and maintain it, as a stark reminder of nuclear horror.

The first thing that strikes you about The Dominators, is how utterly ruthless the titular villians are – ordering the Quarks to gun down a group of fleeing Dulkians – in the first episode; for no reason in particular.

The Dominators are coldly and expertly played, by actors Ronald Allen & Kenneth Ives – and are probably helped in part by their huge American Footballer – shoulder pads. These guys mean business and the Quarks don’t look to bad either, with their neat minimalistic design, fold-away lazer arms and spiked domed heads.

There is an interesting conflict subplot; between the Dominator leader Rago and Toba, as Toba – being a probationer; keeps getting the Dominators mission parameters wrong; by using Quarks who are running out of charge – to attempt to put a stop to Jamie and Cully’s guerilla campaign, rather than drill for more energy; much to the Rago’s consternation.


The Quarks were meant to become the natural successors to the Daleks (who had at this point in the series had been been written out); following the previous season’s Evil Of The Daleks. However, due to a copyright dispute – the Quarks never featured again – bar a cameo appearance in the Troughton finale; Wargames. Shame.

The only letdown here is the Dulkians, who (bar Cully) are a pretty feckless lot, who have long since abandoned weapons of war – and technological achievement for a pesceful hippy existence. They don’t even believe in alien races, so do nothing – when warned by Zoe that the Dominators have landed; with killer robots, or when the Dominators actually take-over.

I suppose that is the point to this, the stark contrast – between the peaceful and ineffective Dulkians; versus the ruthless and uber-organised Dominators; equals no contest.

However, Jamie and Cully manage to wage a pretty effective two-man guerilla war – against the Quark army, destroying them with rocks – and homemade bombs.

The Dominators makes a valid topical point, about the futility of Nuclear war – and the literal fallout affecting future generations for centuries after – and also how a previous warlike race – can become too peaceful.

It is helped in part by a really good turn from the Dominators and Quark’s, who provide a really strong villain-esque backbone to proceedings.

The sub-plot, that the Dominators are powerful but have stretched their empire too thin, too quickly – is interesting.

The Dominators, is a nuclear-warning-cum-invasion-yarn and it effectively gets Troughton’s final season in charge – underway.

????⚪ (4/5)

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