Origin : Earth

Companion reign : 1996 – 96

Grace Holloway : “I finally found the right guy – and he’s from another planet!”

Chang Lee : “So, uh, where’s the Master?”

Dr Grace Holloway

Dr Grace Holloway was an American cardiologist; based in San Francisco, who became a companion of the newly regenerated Eighth Doctor in Doctor Who : The TV Movie.

She was intelligent and career driven – and into her Opera, especially Puccini – which she played, when in the operating theatre.

Dr Holloway was on duty at Walker General Hospital, on the night that the Seventh Doctor was brought – in with minor bullet wound injuries. Due to an inconclusive chest x-ray, which showed twin-hearts.

It was during some exploratory surgery, that Dr Holloway “killed” the Seventh Doctor on the operating table – due to the Timelord’s different physiology.

Holloway later resigned over the incident (following the disappearance of the body from the morgue) – and was followed home by a man, who claimed to be the patient from the operation; the newly regenerated Eighth Doctor.

When she finally agreed to help the Eighth Doctor, she was possessed by the newly escaped Master. Who used her to open the Tardis ‘Eye Of Harmony’ – and then killed her. The Doctor later reversed time, using the Tardis – and brought her back to life.

It was never confirmed, if Grace was to become a full-time companion of the Eighth Doctor. As a new series never materialised, it was not known what happened to her. Although other media did pick up on her continued adventures, with the Doctor.

Producers later confirmed, she would probably have been a companion, in a new follow-up series.

Chang Lee

Chang Lee was an Asian street-gang member, in San Fransico. He was involved in a gun battle, which ended with the newly arrived Seventh Doctor being wounded, whilst saving Chang in Doctor Who : The TV Movie. .

Chang then met the Master – and was deceived into helping the Master. Chang had stolen the Seventh Doctor’s Tardis key, after the shooting and used it – to allow the Master to gain entry to the Tardis.

Chang then had his neck snapped for his trouble and was killed but was later brought back to life by the Doctor, along with Grace.

After the Master was defeated, Chang Lee chose not to go with the Doctor – and stayed in San Francisco.

Old Doctor Who

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