“Well, you can’t rule the world in hiding. You’ve got to come out onto the balcony sometimes and wave a tentacle, if you’ll pardon the expression!” Fourth Doctor – Terror Of The Zygons

Alien shapechangers and pet Loch Ness monster

The Zygons were an orange, squid-like alien life form from a doomed planet – Zygor, which was destroyed in a “stellar explosion”. In Terror Of The Zygons – 1975. , a small Zygon force were hiding out in their organic spaceship – at the bottom of Loch Ness.

The Zygons were waiting for the right time to take over the Earth and convert it into a planet similar to Zygor – using the humans as slaves.

A refugee ship filled with other Zygon’s was on route to Earth but it was going to take a few hundred years to arrive, just about the right amount of time to convert the Earth’s atmosphere.

The Zygon’s most memorable quality was their ability to morph into a likeness of any other creature. To do this, they needed to capture and subdue their victim within a special booth – within their spaceship, to maintain a psychic link with the duplicate.

They also had poisonous stings protruding from their hands, which explained why the Zygons were able to inflict pain on other beings, with a mere touch.

The Zygons also required continued lactose from their pet/weapon; The Skarasen – a huge Loch Ness monster style aquatic cyborg. The Skarasen was used to destroy drilling platforms in Terror Of The Zygons – 1975. , in the North Sea.

Meanwhile, the Zygons began their world domination plan by impersonating the Government Energy Minister. A Zygon assumed the form of companion Harry, who then proceeded to attack Sarah Jane with a pitchfork, before falling to its doom.

The Doctor managed to defeat the Zygons and blow up their spaceship, killing them all. The Skarasen was scared back to Loch Ness, where it resides.

They have appeared only once in Who. Nevertheless, they have become one of the more memorable aliens, from the series.

Appearances :

Season Thirteen – 1975

Terror Of The Zygons⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐