imageNumber : Season 4, episode 1 of 7.

Which One : Buried Cybermen.

Cast : The Doctor : Patrick Troughton
Jamie : Frazer Hines
Victoria : Deborah Watling
Kaftan : Shirley Cooklin
Toberman : Roy Stewart
Eric Klieg : George Pastell
Parry : Aubrey Richards
Viner : Cyril Shaps
Peter Haydon : Bernard Holley
Captain Hooper : George Roubicek
Jim Callum : Clive Merrison
Ted Rogers : Alan Johns
Cyberman Controller : Michael Kilgarriff

Written By : Kit Pedler, Gerry Davis.

Produced By : Peter Bryant

First UK Broadcast : 2 – 23 September 1967.

Length : 4 x 25 minute parts.

Plot : The Second Doctor joins an Earth expedition, looking for a Cyberman tomb on planet Telos. What they find is less a tomb and more a deep freeze trap, where the Cybermen are waiting to assimilate and conquer.

Whats good : Another great atmospheric Troughton episode, which makes great use of the Cybermen. The Cybermen have never been so scary with their gaping mouths and disco robot voice.

Whats bad : Nothing.


Review With Spoilers : After Troughton’s last Cyberman adventure; Moonbase. Tomb Of The Cybermen comes hot on its heels, in the following season and is another iconic Cybermen episode.

This time around, the Cybermen are fearsome in reputation and name only, until their appearance in the second act.

They disappeared 5 centuries previous and have become a kind of mysterious bogeyman. Hence why Earth has sent an expedition, to discover what happened to them; in a newly discovered tomb – on planet Telos.

Infact, the tomb is more of a deep freeze, just waiting for a bunch of snooping humans to come by and fall into a Cybertrap.

Tomb Of The Cybermen ladles on the suspense in thick measure just like Moonbase did and the scenes of the Cybermen breaking out of their warren-like tombs, has become as iconic a Who moment – as any.

“You belong to us, you will be like us!” Cyber controller

The Cybermen themselves, are equally eriee in their 2nd last “classic” appearance. With their blank faces, gaping mouths and inhuman robotic sing-song voice; before Tom Baker’s; Revenge Of The Cybermen – modern redesign – 8 years later.

Its also notable for the introduction of the central brain; the Cyber-controller and the Cybermats – the small robotic animals used for subterfuge. These would both become staple parts of the cyberman lore, over the next 20 years.

Troughton’s era was strong on the monster episodes, with spades of atmosphere to boot. Tomb Of The Cybermen is no different and like Moonbase and Invasion, forms 3 of the best turns by the Cybermen – all in one era.

A real classic and one of the best Troughton turns to boot.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

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