Tom Baker Is Back As The Fourth Doctor
Old Doctor Who

36 years after he left the iconic role that defined the character of the Doctor; Tom Baker is back as the Fourth incarnation.

Baker has just finished shooting some new live action scenes for an up-and-coming release of 1979’s unfinished season 17 final episode Shada.

Shada was abandoned due to a BBC strike following some external and internal scenes being filmed. It has previously been released with bridging narration by Baker himself on VHS and DVD.

Usually, for incomplete Doctor Who releases, the missing footage is recreated in animated form. However, this is the first time that brand new “live action” footage has been shot for a lost episode recreation. The BBC went to some length to shoot it in the same style and with the same lighting and set work from 1979.

Tom Baker back on set in new footage for Shada release.

You can read about Shada here. Firther detail on this project is on the Radio Times.

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