Number : Season 17, episode 7 of 7.

Which One : 4th into 5th.

Cast : The Doctor : Tom Baker
The Master : Anthony Ainley
Adric : Matthew Waterhouse
Tegan : Janet Fielding
Nyssa : Sarah Sutton
Aunt Vanessa : Dolore Whiteman
The Monitor : John Fraser
Detective Inspector : Tom Georgeson
Security Guard : Christopher Hurst
The Watcher : Adrian Gibbs

Written By : Christopher H. Bidmead

Produced By : JNT

First UK Broadcast : 28 Feb – 21 March 1981.

Length : 4 x 25 minute parts.

Plot : The Doctor finally decides to get the faulty Tardis chameleon circuit fixed on planet Logopolis. However, the Master has also followed the Doctor to Logopolis – for a final showdown.

Whats good : The fight atop the satellite dish. Tom Baker’s regeneration scene is the most poignant of any regeneration, before or since. The ‘Watcher’ is an interesting new addition to the regeneration concept.

Whats bad : Tom Baker leaving the show. The new Master is too pantomine and is no Delgado. The psuedo-science in this episode, is frankly baffling.

Review With Spoilers : Logopolisis the 7th and final episode of season 17 and marks the departure of Tom Baker’s Doctor.

Logopolis really lays the Scientific explanations on thicker than Star Trek : Next Generation but with little real explanation, as to there actual significance to the story.

The Logopoliton’s talk about “Charged Vacuum Emboitments” in the universe. The Doctor puts his Tardis in a “recursive loop”, due to the Master materialising his own Tardis around the Doctor’s Tardis.

It is apparent that writer Christopher H. Bidmead tried to inject some real sounding pseudo-science in there. To make it seem more self important but we are all left none the wiser – as to why?

It’s really just Who trying to sound really clever. Give me Pertwee with his universal; “reversed the polarity of the neutron flow” explanation – any day to this!

The addition of Nyssa, from previous episode Keeper Of Traken and new companion Tegan. Now means that room in the Tardis is at a premium; with 3 companions vying for screentime. Adric is still as highly annoying, as ever and out of place.

The idea of bringing the Master character back is; on paper – an interesting prospect. Unfortunately, Ainley’s Master is too pantomime to do justice to Delgado’s legacy. And he spends most of this episode running about sneering like a pantomime baddie.

The only part of Logopolis that helps partially redeem proceedings; is the Doctors final tussle with the Master ontop of the radio antennae, the Watcher subplot and the Fourth Doctor’s regeneration scene.

“It’s the end! ………..But the moment has been prepared for…..!”

The inclusion of the mysterious Watcher character, is an interesting addition to the regeneration lore. As the Watcher guides the Fourth Doctor throughout this episode and to his ultimate destiny. Before melding with him, to become the new Fifth Doctor.

Logopolis hasn’t aged well with its pastelly colours, odd look, weird synthy music and crap psuedo-science.

It remains a curiosity, due to being Baker’s swansong, outside of this, it offers little other value.

2.5/5 – 🔵🔵🔘⚪⚪

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