Number : Season 22, serial 4 of 6.

Which One : Victorian writer; H.G. Wells, gets inspiration for a time travel novel, from the Doctor.

Cast : The Doctor : Colin Baker
Peri : Nicola Bryant
The Borad : Robert Ashby
Old Man : Denis Carey
Tekker : Paul Darrow
Mykros : Eric Deacon
Maylin Renis : Neil Hallett
Vena : Jeananne Crowley
Kendron : David Ashton
Herbert : David Chandler
Katz : Tracy Louise Ward
Brunner : Peter Robert Scott
Sezon : Dicken Ashworth
Gazak : Steven Mackintosh
Aram : Christine Kavanagh
Tyheer : Martin Gower
Android : Dean Hollingsworth

Written By : Glen McCoy

Produced By : JNT

First UK Broadcast : 9 – 16 March 1985.

Length : 2 x 45 minute episodes.

Plot : The Tardis is drawn up a time-tunnel to planet Karfel, where the Doctor has visited before; in his third guise. A despotic dictator – called the Borad, rules over the Karfellians with an iron-fist. Can the Doctor help them?

Whats good : It has the potential structure of a classic Who episode.

Whats bad : It’s so horribly produced and directed, due to rewrites – as it was being shot. The second episode – is a complete mess.

Review With Spoilers : Timelash is the fourth story of season 22 and was (potentially) – a great Doctor Who story.

It has an appearance by a famous real-life historical character; Victorian writer H.G. Wells. Wells travels with the Doctor to planet Karfel. The insinuation being, that the Doctor inspired – yet another great historical figure.

It was also confirmed, that the Third Doctor had also visited Karfel, with Jo Grant. At some point in the past and that the people of Karfel, had waited for the Doctor’s return; ever since.

The problem with Timelash is that none of these ideas (as good as they sound) on their own, could make-up for the unfinished script, shoddy direction -and last minute rewrites.

The main adventure is pretty much over 20 minutes into the second episode. Much of the remaining 25 minutes, featuring the Doctor and H.G. Wells in the Tardis; feel tacked on, to bulk out the running time.

“The stories I’ve heard about you. The great Doctor, all knowing and all powerful. You’re about as powerful as a burnt out android!” Dekker

As a result, the pacing is all over the place and even a reappearance of the Borad – as a clone (after Borad number one – is killed) also feels, like time-wasting.

The Borad’s half-man, half-Morlox look – is surprisingly really well done but the actual Morlox, is a poor puppet headed dragon special-effect. (Morlox – H.G. Wells inspiration for the “Morlocks” in Time Machine, etc).

Blake Seven’s Paul Darrow is a decent antagonist, if a slightly underused character. He would have infact made a much more knivingly memorable Borad character, than Robert Ashby’s, much more straight-take.

H.G. Wells could have made an interesting ongoing companion in the Tardis, as he and the Doctor – had an interesting dynamic. Sadly, it was not to be.

Timelash is – aside from the obvious budget and script issues, a potentially good Who story fighting to breathe – in amongst all of the changes.

More a case of bad execution, spoiling a good adventure.

🔵🔵⚪⚪⚪ (2/5)

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