Number : Season 21, serial 7 of 7.

Which One : The Sixth Doctor goes post regen-gaga!

Cast : The Doctor : Colin Baker
Peri : Nicola Bryant
Edgeworth : Maurice Denham
Mestor : Edwin Richfield
Hugo Long : Kevin McNally
Sylvest : Dennis Chinnery
Romulus : Gavin Conrad
Remus : Andrew Conrad
Chamberlain : Seymour Green
Drak : Oliver Smith
Noma : Barry Stanton
Elena : Dione Inman
Fabian : Helen Blatch
Prisoner : Roger Nott
Jacondan Guard : John Wilson

Written By : Anthony Steven

Produced By : JNT

First UK Broadcast : 22 – 30 March 1984.

Length : 4 x 25 minute episodes.

Plot : The newly regenerated Doctor – is acting erractically and nearly kills Peri, in an unprovoked attack. Deciding to meditate, the Doctor heads to the solitude of Titan 3; a deserted asteroid but is drawn, into a feud – between a slug and bird-like races.

Whats good : Colin Baker’s unique take on the role, starts here.

Whats bad : Baker’s murderous rage post-regenerative stress turn. The bickering between the Doctor and Peri. The choice of outfit. The Jacondans. Uninspired story.

Review With Spoilers : Colin Baker was a controversial and unique choice, to play the Doctor. He’s memorable – there is no question of that. Its a shame, the writers couldn’t write a better opening gambit, for him. Than this, cast-off Peter Davison – paint-by-numbers adventure.

Baker’s take, on the post regenerative stress disorder; is again unique – but for the wrong reasons. In a fit of rage, the Doctor attempts to strangle companion Peri – to death, on the floor of the Tardis. An act – unlikely to endear the Sixth Doctor, to the fanbase.

Its also the last time, we see the Sixth Doctor dressed in some tasteful clothes. Beginning The Twin Dillema, still wearing Peter Davison’s outfit; before fishing out – that horrific technocolour dreamcoat.

The idea was to start the Sixth Doctor – as a rude, unlikable and intensely arrogant mysoginist – and over time, smooth out the eccentricities; until the true – more likeable Sixth Doctor, remained.

Unfortunately though, time was against this particular version of the Time Lord and fate intervened; before this acting masterclass – could be seen through, to its developed conclusion.

“I’ll tell you. A peri is a good and beautiful fairy in Persian mythology. The interesting thing is, before it became good, it was evil. And that’s what you are. Thoroughly evil!” The Doctor

In terms of the actual story though, it’s a rather insipid affair, about the forced slave labour of a bird people – The Jacondans; by their captors – the slug-like Gastropods.

Two child twin-genius have also been stolen, by a renegade Time Lord, called Edgeworth/Azmael; to workout a calculation for moving some planets – to help distribute Gastropod eggs, throughout the galaxy.

The only real thing of note here – bar Baker’s bizarre post regenerative turn, is Azmael. Who turns out to be an old tutor of the Doctor; from Gallifreyan academy days.

Also, it’s a first for Who; to have the first story of a new Doctor, as the last episode of the outgoing previous Doctor’s season.

That’s where the memorability ends, though. Twin Dilemma can be classed as a forgettable, silly and unmemorable opener – for such a flamboyant Doctor.

🔵⚪⚪⚪⚪ (1/5)

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