Get Your Horror Who Fix (UK)
Old Doctor Who

Thank goodness for The Horror Channel (UK – Sky 319, Freeview 138, Virgin 149) for showing a regular fix of classic Who over the last few months.

Currently in the UK, there are no other showings of the classic series on any of the BBC channels. BBC Three and Watch currently show new series episodes only.

On the streaming front, UK Netflix have removed all Classic Who (except the McGann TV movie). US Netflix retains a small library. Paid US Streaming service HULU seems to have a full library. Episodes can also be found free on Dailymotion but are being removed.

Horror Channel’s website confirms that they have 30 episodes of the series of the show on rotation. As I write this they have been showing Patrick Troughton’s Seeds Of Death with Colin Baker’s – Attack Of The Cybermen to follow on 18 July.

Most of these episodes have been repeated already, in a kind of random cycle and as a kind of showcase of each Doctor’s best adventures. A full run is not possible due to missing Hartnell and Troughton episodes, see here for more on why.

In an average 4 part adventure, Horror tend to show the first 2 parts together upto 3 times in a day (morning, noon and evening). Followed by the parts 3 & 4 the following day (in the same cycle).

Where do you get your old Who fix?

Here is next weeks run down :

17 / 18 July – Attack Of The Cybermen 1/4 – 10:00 & 10:35, 15:10 & 15:45, 19:50 & 20:25.

20 July – Horror Of Fangrock 1/4 – 15:55 – full episode.

21 July – Horror Of Fangrock 1/4 – 15:55 – full episode.

22-24 July – The Sea Devils 1/6 – 10:00 & 10:35, 15:10 & 15:45, 19:50 & 20:25.

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