Number : Season 10, episode 1 of 5.

Which One : 10th anniversary.

Cast : The Doctor : Jon Pertwee / Patrick Troughton / William Hartnell
Jo Grant : Katy Manning
Brigadier : Nicholas Courtney
Benton : John Levene
Omega : Stephen Thorne
President : Roy Purcell
Chancellor : Clyde Pollitt
Timelord : Graham Leaman
Doctor Tyler : Rex Robinson
Ollis : Laurie Webb
Mrs Ollis : Patricia Prior
Corporal Palmer : Denys Palmer

Written By : Bob Baker & Dave Martin

Produced By : Barry Letts

First Broadcast : 30 December 1972–20 January 1973

Length : 4 x 25 minute parts.

Plot : A massive black hole is drawing all power from Gallifrey. The Timelords; worried about this threat, call on the 3rd Doctor to investigate. Even breaking the ‘First Rule Of Time’ – by allowing the Doctor to make use of his “otherselves”.

Whats good : The interaction between the 3rd Doctor and his 2 previous incarnations. The story. Omega is an decent anti-hero/tragic villain character. Hartnell makes an interesting foil between the 2nd and 3rd Doctor’s arguments.

Whats bad : Omega’s anti-matter blobby monsters are just… plain weird!

Review :The Three Doctors is the 1st episode of season 10 and the 10th anniversary episode of the show’s run.

It is the most enjoyable of the anniversary specials and has the 3rd Doctor interacting with his 2nd and 1st otherselves – in a race against time; to save the Timelords.

The best bits come from the 2nd and 3rd Doctor’s inability to work together, without bickering. So the introduction of the 1st Doctor, to knock there heads together; makes for an entertaining 3-way dynamic.

Hartnell’s appearance though, is sadly brief. As he is stuck inside a ‘time bubble’. His part here is to offer advice and counsel to his 2 sparring successors. His part was reduced and his lines were written on big pieces of card – as Hartnell was in ill health.

“I generated those forces… and for what? To be blown out of existence….. into this black hole of Anti-matter…. A hero? I SHOULD HAVE BEEN A GOD!!” Omega

Bar the 3 Doctor’s interaction, Omega is a really strong counter-point, with his tragic and villainous turn. From his beginnings, as the Timelord’s founder and hero; leading to his unfortunate imprisonment in an anti-matter universe. Whilst experimenting with time travel.

The episode is also notable, for the ending of the 3rd Doctor’s Earth exile. For helping the Timelords, the 3rd Doctor is presented with a new time dematerialization circuit; to power up his Tardis.

The Three Doctors hits the mark as the best anniversary special, which incorporates the best elements of the previous 10 years; namely – the Doctors themselves.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

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