The Doctors


Welcome to the Doctor’s section.

Between 1963 and 1996 – there were 8 incarnations of the Timelord, whose real name is unknown but who likes to go by the alias of “The Doctor”.

What we know of the Doctor from his childhood is vague. He attended a academy from a young age along with the Master and was tutored by an old mystic man who lived in the Gallifreyan mountains. At some point the Doctor fathered children and became a Grandad at the end of his first regeneration.

The Doctor lifespan is 12 regenerations and 13 lives and he has used his ability to regenerate himself when either mortally wounded or as a way to beat some impossible odds. Each incarnation is markedly different in appearance, attitude and age but all share the same collective knowledge and heritage.

The Doctor’s physiology is different too; He has two hearts beating in his chest. He can also survive in Space without oxygen for 6 minutes by means of entering a trancelike state.

The Doctor renounced the Timelord ways and went on the run, in a rickety old “type 40” Tardis which is forever permanently stuck in the shape of a Police Box, due to the chameleon circuit breaking – which allows the box to blend in to any environment.

His first sojourn was to Earth, where he secreted the powerful Timelord super weapon; The Hand Of Omega – to prevent it falling into alien hands.

He initially travelled with his grand daughter Susan; but has since had a plethora of diverse companions – and even robots as company.

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