Old Who’s – Top Ten Best Companions
Old Doctor Who

Who wouldn’t be the Who that we all know and love without the Doctor’s companions; family members, friends, enemies, plot-devices, background scenery and techno-babble interpreters.

They came in many shapes, races and genders. One thing is for sure, Who without the companions would be like Who without the Daleks.

No. 10 – Chamelion


Chamelion was a short lived and largely unfeatured shape changing robot, and a companion of the Fifth Doctor. Chamelion was liberated from the Master, who was a slave to the Master’s bidding.

Chamelion figures in here, simply because he had an unrealised potential to be a regular interesting companion and was truly the only proper none human (looking) companion (bar K9!) – that the Doctor has ever had.

No. 9 – Ace


Ace was a companion of the Seventh Doctor. She was pretty much the most realised companion, with plenty of backstory to flesh out her character in seasons 25 & 26. She was a tough cookie – like Leela, but more likeable. A proper 80’s throwback.

No. 8 – Harry


Harry was a shortlived companion of the Fourth Doctor. A UNIT Surgeon he was likeable, upbeat and bounced off of Sarah Jane really well. A real shame he didn’t figure more.

No. 7 – Barbara & Ian


The first original non-family companions of the First Doctor. It was Ian & Barbara, who taught the Doctor’s grand-daughter Susan – at Coal Hill School.

Ian & Barbara where the moral compass to the alien First Doctor and surrogate parent figures to Susan.

No. 6 – Jo Grant


Jo Grant was a companion of the Third Doctor. She was girly, cutesy, bubbly and almost as popular as Sarah-Jane Smith. If she had stayed into the peak Tom Baker era of the programme. Arguably Jo could of become the greatest companion – but fell just short..

No. 5 – Brigadier & UNIT


Not really companions, but the Brig and his troop featured in so many episodes of the classic era – and alongside so many Doctor’s, they deserve a place in the top 10.

No. 4 – Susan


The Doctor’s only featured family member and original companion of the First Doctor. On and she was a Timelord too!

No. 3 – K9


K9 was probably the most popular companion from the aspect of the shows core audience; children. He partnered the Fourth and greatest Doctor. He was also useful in a fight or a game of chess.

No. 2 – Jamie


Jamie is one of the longest serving companions in Who and a long-time companion of the Second Doctor. He was a likeable primitive Highlander, who despite this – probably adjusted the best to the strains of adventuring in Space and Time.

No. 1 – Sarah Jane Smith


The greatest and longest serving companion of two of the strongest Doctor’s – Three and Four. Forthright, strong, with just the right dose of warmth; in an era of passive Hammer Horror female turns. Sadly missed and beloved patron of the classic series.

Who was your no. 1 companion?

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