Old Who’s – Top Ten Creepiest Moments
Old Doctor Who

Our top-ten best series is back and this time we have painstakingly whittled down a list of what we believe are the top-ten creepiest moments, from Old Who.

These moments, are our spine-tinglers based not just on how gory or how jumpy they were. But on how much impact the moment had and whether the viewer would still be thinking about it – after the serial had ended.

It wasn’t easy though and a number of classic moments were bumped in favour of others. Including; Noah’s Wirrn transformation from The Ark In Space or the Sea Devils filing out of the sea – in The Sea Devils.

Let’s begin….

10) The evil face in the wall in The Awakening.


A creepy stoneface in a church wall; which makes the inhabitants of a nearby village into homicidal maniacs. Is an odd concept. However, thanks to a lack of explanation, dialogue and some nifty effects; the face underpins an unsettling 2-part Peter Davison adventure – called The Awakening.

9) The Head Clown at the Psychic Circus in The Greatest Show In The Galaxy.


It is not known, why the Seventh Doctor took Ace to see a bunch of clowns, in a galactic “Psychic” circus. Especially, as companion Ace suffered from extreme Clown-a-phobia.

The Head Clown – is a particularly creepy individual. Not least, for his “I-know-something-you-don’t” stare and unsettling goodbye hand-salutes.

8) The invading Sensorite peeking in the window of the space-station – in The Sensorites.


The intelligent and civilised Sensorites are a memorable alien from early Hartnell Who. Not least for their psychic abiliities, bald heads and chin-wigs.

However, in our first meeting with this mysterious race. We catch a startling glimpse of one peering in the window of a spacestation at Ian; which they are invading. Cue end of episode cliffhanger.

7) Harrison Chase feeds a poor unconcious UNIT soldier, into his compost grinder, in The Seeds Of Doom.


The Krynoid seeds from The Seeds Of Doom would be a magnificent monster to rehash for the new series and in true John Carpenter’s – The Thing-style; the transformation sequence of infected human to Krynoid, would in itself – rank in the top-20 creepiest Who moments.

However, stealing the show (just) is creepy millionaire botantist – Harrison Chase; who knocks out a poor unsuspecting UNIT soldier and feeds him into his compost grinder. You expect help to come for the soldier but nothing happens, apart from his grinded up remains fertilising the plants in Chase’s garden.

6) Arthur Stengos’ Dalek transformation in Revelation Of The Daleks.


There were alot of depressingly gory moments from the Sixth Doctor era. Most, like the acid bath in Vengeance On Varos, were so uber-violent; that they ended up being too over-the-top – to be taken seriously.

However, this reveal of what happened to the Doctor’s friend; Arthur Stengos, at the hands of the Daleks. Does tow-the-line betwen gruesome and tragic and ranks as one of the creepiest moments, Sixth Doctor-era Who, ever managed.

5) The Cyberman hiding under a blanket – in The Moonbase.


The Second Doctor suspects someone (or something) is loose in the Moonbase but despite a thorough search, cannot find the offending party.

That is, until he notices a pair of silver cyberboots sticking out from under a sheet in the sickbay – inbetween rows of sick and dying patients. Cue Cyberman reveal.

4) Susan attacking Ian with a knife in The Edge Of Destruction.


Any number of scenes from The Edge Of Destruction, could probably make a top-ten list; in a brilliant short-story about the Tardis causing deadly hallucinations to it’s occupants.

However, it is this scene of a possessed Susan, sneaking up on an unsuspecting Ian (Psycho shower-style), with the intention of slicing him; which ranks as one of the most shocking – early Who ever got away with.

3) The weed-controlled technician breathing gas in The Fury From The Deep.


This scene from the largely missing Troughton adventure; The Fury From The Deep – featured a (improbable) mutated seaweed-possessed technician breathing choking gas at his victim.

Probably sounds a bit silly on paper and yet the look on the actors face, as he randomly attacks a female character – is memorably creepy/rapey.

2) The Daleks harrassing Barbara in The Daleks.


This part 2 cliffhanger, from the view-point of a Dalek, slowly moving toward a petrified Barbara; with extended sink-plunger menacingly waving, was prior to their first-ever reveal – in the show.

It followed a particularly creepy sequence of The First Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara getting lost in an apparently deserted futuristic city – on Skaro.

1) The Auton driving the police car in The Terror Of The Autons.


This scene from the Auton’s second appearance; The Terror Of The Autons – qualifies as the most chilling in Who (for us).

The Third Doctor and Jo, accept a ride back to UNIT HQ – in a police car. However, the car takes them in the wrong direction and the Doctor taps on the glass to get the driver’s attention. The driver then turns around, to reveal an Auton.

Well! That was our top-ten creepiest moments and it certainly wasn’t easy, trying to whittle down a list of the classic creepy moments from Old Who.

You may think we missed some other favourites. Therefore, what is your fave creepy moment in Old Who?

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