Old Doctor Who ln New Doctor Who
Old Doctor Who

We promised that we would steer clear of commenting on the new series of Doctor Who, too much. After all, we geared this whole site around the classic years of the show and other sites have the new stuff covered much better.

We do infact review the new series of Doctor Who on spacemancentral.com here.

Anyway, we have noticed more and more traffic coming to this site under the search term “Old Doctor Who”. No great shakes you might think but “Old Doctor Who” does infact have 2 meanings :

1) it is a term used to describe the classic years of the show, 2) it seems also to be a search term used to search for information on Peter Capaldi’s up-and-coming new incarnation of the Doctor. With that in mind, we couldn’t resist commenting.


Something in common - age-wise!

Being the oldest Doctor brought into the role at 56 – since Hartnell, does make Capaldi something of special appointment and “Old Doctor Who” is pretty appropriate.

It is something we haven’t seen for 40 years, as each successive newer incarnation of the Doctor got younger after Hartnell – and then settled somewhere around the mid-40 mark – age-wise.

The new series is just around the corner (23 August) and it is more eagerly anticipated than ever, following last year’s 50th anniversary send off for Matt Smith.

The question is, what kind of a Doctor will Capaldi make? And will the new series repay the producers faith in choosing an older actor?

We think it will.

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