Horror Channel Announce More New Old Who On Way
Old Doctor Who

The Horror Channel (UK – Sky 319, Freeview 138, Virgin 149) have just announced that from 12 October, they will be starting to show more episodes from the classic series.

Up until now, the channel had only been showing around 10 episodes spread across all incarnations of the Doctor on repeat.


Carnival Of Monsters - Jon Pertwee episode

New episodes confirmed as being shown from Monday, 13th October :

“Doctor Who and The Silurians”, “Inferno”, “Carnival of Monsters”, “The Time Warrior” – Jon Pertwee as the Doctor.

“The Sontaran Experiment”, “The Sunmakers” – Tom Baker as the Doctor.

“The Greatest Show in the Galaxy” – Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor.

Since its launch in April, Who on Horror Channel has added 3.8million viewers in total. The channel is now looking to consolidate and improve these viewing figures, with these new remastered episodes.

We gave high marks in our episodes review section to Time Warrior, Silurians, Sontaran Exp & Greatest Show – Which are you looking for to seeing again?

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