imageNumber : Season 2, episode 7 of 9.

Which One : Stuck in a museum – in space!

Cast : The Doctor : William Hartnell
Ian : William Russell
Barbara : Jacqueline Hill
Vicki : Maureen
Lobos : Richard Shaw
Morok Commander : Ivor Salter
Morok Messenger : Salvin Stewart
Morok Technician : Peter Diamond
Sita : Peter Sanders
Dako : Peter Craze
Tor : Jeremy Bulloch
Third Xeron : Bill Starkey

Written By : Glyn Jones

Produced By : Verity Lamb

First UK Broadcast : 24 April – 15 May 1965.

Length : 4 x 25 minute parts.

Parts :
1) “The Space Museum”
2) “The Dimensions of Time”
3) “The Search”
4) “The Final Phase”

Plot : The Doctor, Vicki and Barbara land on planet Xeros home of a huge “space” museum, dedicated to various spaceships, weapons and Alien tech. They find themselves put on display as objects of curiosity and attempt to escape the museum and it’s curators; The Moroks. Whilst also helping some rebellious Xeron teenagers in their fight against the Morok invaders.

Whats good : It’s an interesting concept piece. The museum is an interesting place, full of weird and wonderful things. The early time “out of sync” plot line is good. The “trying to avoid becoming a museum exhibit” by changing the future sub-strand. The Doctor’s Dalek escape – is quite funny.

Whats bad : Aside from the novelty of the Space Museum and time of sync plotline, the Morok/Xerons despot/story isn’t the strongest.


Review With Spoilers : The Space Museum is episode 7 of 9 of season 2 of Doctor Who and features the interesting plot device of a museum in space (obviously).

The Doctor, Ian and Barbara view a kind of future premonition of themselves, put into a kind of status by their Morok hosts, where they themselves become pieces in the Museum and attempt to escape their predicament by attempting to second guess how to change their future.

Along the way the Doctor’s finds time to help a group of rebellious Xerosian teenagers (including a young Jeremy Bulloch – future Boba-Fett) overcome their oppressive Morok masters.

Hartnell himself, is in fine jovial form and helps give proceedings a slightly playful edge. His escape from the Xerosians after being captured, by tying up his captor and hiding inside a Dalek prop from the museum; has to be seen to be believed.


“That’s us! That’s not models or pictures. That’s us!” Barbara
“Yes. Exhibits in a Space Museum!” The Doctor.

The 1st episode is the best of the 4 and sets up the quartet’s early investigation of the mysterious Museum and the time “out of sync” phenomena and the underlining plot of the quartet attempting to change their futures to avoid becoming a permanent addition to the museum.

Subsequent episodes give way to the less interesting Morok/Xeros – oppessor/oppressed plotline, which is not as interesting – or well conceived.

Therefore, the episode sags after the second part and follow-up proceedings fail to lift it – bar Hartnell’s good natured turn. There is also a footnote of the Dalek’s watching proceedings at the end which is a lead in, to follow-up episode The Chase.

The Space Museum can best be described as a promisingly conceived but ultimately flat adventure which serves only to act as a filler for better episodes in season 2.

🔵🔵🔵⚪⚪ (3/5)

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