Could A Remastered Who – Be Even Better?
Old Doctor Who

When the Bluray boxsets for Star Trek : The Original Series were released, there was quite a hullabaloo regarding the new features included.

As well as the re-recording of the classic Alexander Courage theme tune. New optional CGI SFX were added, which meant that cutscenes of the Enterprise, the view from the bridge and the planet orbits – were completely remastered in CGI.

At the time, debate raged on the forums about whether this was the right thing to do and whether the new SFX would look too new – and out of place.

Episodes like The Doomsday Machine, in which the crew battled a huge planet eating robotic leech were given a new dynamic edge with the remastered CGI space scenes. Overall, remastered Trek was considered a success – both commercially and critically.

When the Doctor Who Remastering Team began finishing touches to their (current) final DVD release – Web Of Fear, it was assumed it would be the end of the road for Who releases, until more missing episodes are found – or animated.

The perceived quality and effort of re-releasing the Who collection in Blu-ray – is apparently not on the cards, due to the quality of original film stock. But a whiff of rumour that this will happen does prevail. The Restoration Team have for a few years now, included small optional subtle CGI fixes to various aspects of the Who DVD releases.

Also, fans have been recreating unofficial SFX for the classic series for years – on Youtube, with varying quality and success. Everything from; remastering the Doctor’s many regeneration sequences, (to look more like the new series yellow energy explosion) redoing the old model cutscenes – to remastering lazer blasts.

Here are a few examples :

1) Eye Of Orion from The Five Doctors given an alien makeover :

2) Sea Devils Attack Seabase – Warriors Of The Deep gets a nifty action make over :

3) Sixth to Seventh Doctor Regeneration redone to include Colin Baker – Time And The Rani :

4) Remastered Hartnell Titles :

It does raise an interesting possibility for a future high-def (upscaled at least) Who release with complete with full optional new SFX included, like the Star Trek – TOS boxsets.

If done correctly and respectfully, it could only help to enhance the presentation for a new audience.

What do you think?

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