The Federation Between Doctor Who and Star Trek
Old Doctor Who

Original Star Trek and Doctor Who are 2 completely separate franchises which exist in different universes and couldn’t be further removed from each other.

However, both have shared some striking similarities over the years. One might even say that the Pertwee years purposefully ripped ideas from Original Star Trek. Don’t believe me? Then read on :


DW’s – Inferno – Vs – St’s – Mirror Mirror


The Doctor travels into an alternate universe where his UNIT compardres are evil Nazi oppressors overseeing a totalitarian regime. Similar say to the classic Trek episode Mirror Mirror – when Kirk is thrown into an alternate reality, where Spock presides over an evil version of Starfleet – called the Terran Empire.

The Brigadier plays the evil Spock character, to the Doctor’s – “good” Kirk character. Whilst the evil Brigadier is instantly different from his good variety – with his eye-patch. Much like evil Spock with his goatee beard. Evil Liz Shaw could even pass for a version of “good” Uhura.- playing “bad” Uhura!

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DW’s The Curse Of Peladon – Vs – ST’s Journey To Babel


Star Trek is all about the unity of different races under one banner; The Federation. Or in Who’s case – the ‘Galactic’ Federation. Curse Of Peladon is interesting on 2 counts, first it introduces the Galactic Federation as a combined race of alien species, working together for mutual protection and strength.

Secondly the whole plot of the episode involves a galactic who-dunnit as the various alien delegates are accused of plotting/murdering each other and disrupting the conference’s aims of peace. This is exactly just like the plot from the trek episode – Journey To Babel.

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Frontier In Space best sums up Who’s homaging of the Trek Universe. We have the humans (as the Federation) at war with the warlike alien Draconian race (or Klingons).

The Draconians are a lizardy race of proud and traditional warriors, who despise and mistrust the humans almost as much as the humans mistrust them.

We even have a line drawn in space between the two empires – the frontier. Or “neutral zone” as it is known in the Trek universe.

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DW’s – Mind Of Evil – Vs – St’s – Dagger Of The Mind


Mind Of Evil sees the Doctor attempt to expose the evils of the “Kellerman machine”. A device used to rehabilitate deranged prisoners, by literally sucking the evil emotions out of their minds. Which is made self aware by the Master, to go on a psychic killing spree.

Which is similar to the Trek episode Dagger Of The Mind, in which a machine used to rehabilitate deranged prisoners is used to destroy Captain Kirk’s mind.

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DW’s – The Armageddon Factor -Vs – St’s – A Taste Of Armageddon


The story of two technological races enacting a hypothetical computer based war simulation, where the calculated casualties are then herded off and vapourised for real – seems the stuff of nightmare Sci Fi staple.

Both Who and Trek have had similar punts at this to varying effect. Obviously Trek came first and Who’s attempt some 10 years after was to complete the Key To Time season.

Indeed, the John Woodvine – Marshall character from Who could almost have been lifted from the pages of the Trek script for his Trek equivalent – Anan 7 (David Opatoshu).

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So next time you pickup up any of these classic Who’s have a look out for the Trekisms present and wonder – was it really just a coincidence – or not?

What do you think?

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