New Episode Review : The Web Of Fear – 1968
Old Doctor Who

We have added a new review to the episodes section, under the Second Doctor; 1968’s – “The Web Of Fear”.

“The Web Of Fear” was the second appearance of the highly popular monster the Yeti and their controller “The Great Intelligence”. They would feature twice under the classic Troughton “Monster era” – as it was dubbed (this and the preceding epi – “The Abominable Snowmen”). With a follow-up cameo in the finale; “The War Games” and “The Five Doctors”.


“The Web Of Fear” also featured the return of “The Abominable Snowmen” featured; Professor Travers(Victoria/Deborah Watling’s real life father – Jack) and more importantly.Tthe first appearance of Colonel Lethbridge Stewart – prior to his promotion to Brigadier and creation of UNIT.

You can read the review of The Web of Fear here.

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