Happy 80th Birthday Tom Baker
Old Doctor Who

On this day in 1934, Who’s greatest ever Doctor was born in Liverpool.

Thomas Stewart Baker turns 80 today, making him still the oldest living Doctor to date from the original series still alive.

Baker has had many varied professions along the way to becoming the Timelord. He had served as a Roman Catholic Priest, did National Service and worked as a builder between acting gigs.


It was his turn in The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad – 1973 which persuaded Who producers to look at him as a replacement for Pertwee.

In 2010, when Matt Smith had the internet forums raging about whether he was to young to play the Timelord. Baker caused a similar effect in the 70’s, being cast in an era when his 39 years were considered young for the role!

He played the role for 7 straight seasons, the longest serving Doctor to date and is still the most recognisable with his shock of curly hair, floppy hat and long scarf.

Happy birthday Tom.

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